Brendan De Santis

Brendan De Santis, is an accomplished dancer and award-winning choreographer originally hailing from London, Ontario. He has been performing and competing nationally and internationally since 2003 under the direction of Kim O’Neill who has been a significant influence in his success in the dance industry as an established dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has studied in various genres of dance which include: Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater and Partnering. Brendan continues to enrich his training, ability and knowledge in all styles of dance through attending numerous dance schools, workshops and conventions. Brendan has also completed exams in; Jazz, Modern and Ballet, both BATD and RAD. Furthermore, he was accepted into Ryerson University and York University for the Performance Dance Program.

Brendan has had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers that include; Kim O’Neill and Jacques Monfiston (Choreographers/Coaches of the Canadian World Jazz, Modern and Tap Team), Nick Tull (Director of Airtight Entertainment Company and Choreographer/Coach of the Canadian World Hip-Hop Team), Linda Garneau (Artistic Director; Helix Dance Project), Natalie Vandenheuvel, Dani Matte (Director of Moi Artist Management) , Niki Wozniak (Director of Desiraeda Contemporary Company), Blake McGrath and many others. Working with such esteemed choreographers has enabled him to develop and adopt a style of his own that is contemporary, fresh and distinct from others.

As a professional dancer, Brendan continues to develop himself with credits that include: performing in the Broadway musicals; The Music Man and Fiddler on the Roof under the direction of Don Flexor. He has also been a featured dancer in The Afters music video Love Will Make You Beautiful. In 2010, Brendan was a contestant on Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance television show where he was successful in advancing to the choreography rounds. He also continues to perform throughout Ontario and is featured in companies such as: Airtight Entertainment and performing in shows such as The Choreographer’s Ball and Harvest Festival.

As an award-winning choreographer with an innovative, artistic and contemporary style, his choreography has been awarded overalls in numerous competitions such as; Kick It Up, Bedazzled and StarCatchers. His choreography has won many overalls/special awards and has been recognized for its creative, authentic and passionate movement quality. Brendan’s dancers have won overall awards for solos, duets and groups. In 2010, Brendan won an award for his dancing skills and was scouted by Moi Artist Management, under the direction of Dani Matte. Brendan continues to work towards transforming students into dancers through his passion and dedication to his craft.

In addition to all of the aforementioned accomplishments, Brendan is currently studying Sociology and Psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto Ontario, while continuing to teach, perform and choreograph. He is thrilled to be a faculty member at Jazz Be Nimble where he strives to instill his love and passion for dance to all of his students.