Francesca Damiano

Francesca Damiano's love for dance began at the age of four. She was a competitive dancer for several years competing across North America, both as a soloist and as a team member. She has been trained in jazz, tap, ballet, modern, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and musical theater.

In 2008, Francesca graduated from St. Elizabeth Catholic High school from the Regional Arts Program specializing in Dance. She continued her love for dance and education by attending York University. She is currently in her last year at York University, studying to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with honours as well as a minor in dance.

Choreographing for eight years, Francesca has won several awards for her choreography as well as overall awards for her competitive students. Some awards include Best choreography, Picture perfect, and so forth for the numerous dances in various styles. She has also worked at private schools such as UMCA Rich Tree Academy teaching the art of dance to students. She has taught dance in a school environment for grades 1 to 8, where their technique was shown in a performances throughout the year.

Francesca has attended workshops in Toronto and New York City where she has learned from top choreographers. Some choreographers include Tyce Diorio, Brain Friedman, Dave Scott, and Cris Judd.

Teaching both recreational and competitive students, Francesca is enthusiastic and motivated to inspire dancers to learn the art of dance in a fun and positive environment.