Taylor Bullock

Taylor Bullock is a passionate performer who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. While in Vancouver she had the opportunity to train in various styles of dance and work under well known choreographers such as Rachael Poirier and Liz Tookey to name a couple.

Growing up she competed across Canada and the United States and performed in places such as Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Portland. Taylor’s dedication to her craft provided her with the opportunity to work under and perform alongside Sarah Dolan and Joey Matt. Following her time in Vancouver she moved to Toronto, Ontario to further her training with the The Conteur Academy.

While a student of The Conteur Academy, Taylor has had the chance to work with choreographers such as; Eryn Waltman , Dani Matte , Sheona Bell , Julia Cratchley , Ryan Lee , Kelly Shaw , Scott McDonald and Colleen Snell. Her high energy and flexibility have the tendency to grab attention as a performer and she exudes vibrancy. Taylor’s upbeat personality coupled with her honest nature keeps her always focused on details and evolving as a performer and teacher. Taylor could not be more excited to join the Jazz Be Nimble family!